Adult Ladies Group Lessons

We have created a pathway designed specifically for Ladies from introduction to joining a club and competing.

Your pathway starts with our very popular Get into Golf group classes. These classes make tuition relaxed and enjoyable and the group atmosphere really brings out the social aspect of our sport out with most classes having 6-10 ladies all giving it a go and learning with each other.

The next stage of the pathway is getting you out on the golf course and competing with the ladies you’ve learnt with. A ladies day is organised once a month where you can put everything you’ve learnt in the classes to the test on our 9 Hole Golf Course! These days are very relaxed and are there to build your confidence on the course and hitting in front of people rather than focusing on scores.

The final stage comes once you’ve found you’re wings! This is where you’ll become a member of our golf course and receive you’re own handicap! From there you can enter competitions and have the chance to lower your handicap. Congratulations! You are now officially a golfer!



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